Facebook vs. Twitter Influence on Techcrunch

Facebook vs. Twitter Influence on TechcrunchPersonally and professionally, I find posts that “compare” Twitter and Facebook as if they were competitors largely off-base and useless, but I weighed in on this one on Techcrunch. My thesis is that these venues only “compete” if you care about fickle mass adoption and don’t care about each site’s underlying value proposition. Facebook and Twitter are very different, so comparing them doesn’t make much sense in most cases. In 2009, however, mass media in the United States especially was having a field day talking about Twitter “knocking Facebook off its pedestal,” which was silly. Here’s Techcrunch’s take on it. My response and thoughts are below.


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As a presenter at the Social Networking Conference, I was able to catch some excellent presentations, and one of the most eye-opening was Clara Shih’s “Enterprise Mashups: How Facebook Is Changing Sales and Marketing.” In a word, Clara and Facebook’s Todd Perry mashed up Facebook and Salesforce.com via AppExchange so that a prospect’s profile in Salesforce now includes select Facebook profile information in a separate pane (see illustration, right), providing a much richer “360° view” of the person to Salesforce users. The result is elegant, powerful and pregnant with social and business issues that I’ll explore briefly here.