PricewaterhouseCoopers Social Business Case Study

Salvatore Reina shares insights about PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global social networking initiatives.. highlights of internal projects and client engagements […]

Social Networking Conference: Reno Marioni on Mobile Social Networking Trends

Nokia’s vision for mobile social networking, and how it plans to muscle into the higher value chain using OVI.. how mobile with transform social networking via LBS location-based services […]

Social Networking Conference Wrap: Clara Shih on Business Social Networking

Clara Shih on social networks’ creation of new sociology, the economics of relationships and vision for what this means to business. Facebook and Google plays. What social networks mean for business development and sales. […]

In Chicago: LinkedIn's Promise for Driving Global Relationships

Presenting Linkedin for Cross-border relationships and deals 18 February 2009 in Chicago, hosted by the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce […]

2009 Vision & Strategy Papers Just Published

Take advantage of breaking Web 2.0 trends to manage risk and enhance rewards in 2009

2008_Predct2008 was a momentous year punctuated by rising economic uncertainty, Web 2.0 innovation in politics and increasing opportunity to create uncommon advantage in many industries. How much can volatility increase? We are on a merry-go-round that’s accelerating; it’s giddy and scary, depending on one’s point of view.

To celebrate and help you to seize the day, I have spent the past week on three articles that represent some of my most important writing of the year:

Web 2.0 Case Study: Obama’s Use of Social Media 2008 Year in Review: Social Media out of the Gate, in Full Run 2009 Predictions and Recommendations […]

Strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: Where Do I Need to Be?

LinkedIn versus Facebook versus Twitter: a thumbnail guide on selecting which Web 2.0 sites your company should be on […]

LinkedIn Marketing Chief Shares Company's Strategic Direction Plus B2B Business Opportunities

LinkedIn marketing chief briefs Chicago CMOs on strategy, direction and utility of the executive network for B2B relationship development and sales […]

Enterprise and Individual Drivers for Social Networks

Demand drivers for enterprise social networks: global enterprises suffer innovation crisis while individuals seek employment security; cross-boundary collaboration is a win-win for enterprise and employee […]