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How We Work

CSRA services let you tap my expertise when you’re in a wide range of situations. At the simplest, you may want an expert to be a sounding board for a new digital social idea or to help you pitch a new initiative, so consultations enable you to do that. On the other hand, you may need a strategic advisor to evaluate social investments or build high-performing social business teams, so management consulting, interim or employment can help you do that.

Here are the main formats of CSRA services:

  1. Consultations are short, focused and transactional; we usually interact via telephone, Facetime, Google Hangout, Skype or enterprise telepresence.
  2. Keynotes and presentations help you to educate a mix of prospects, clients, employees and partners at conferences, corporate meetings, retreats or educational events.
  3. Executive workshops and seminars educate executive teams about defined topics in half-day to two-day sessions.
  4. Management consulting services are collaborative but arm’s length engagements that last from a week to several months or years. They’re ideal for helping you figure out how to use social business to change the rules in discrete steps, at a relatively low commitment.
  5. Interim executive/subject matter expert engagements are usually more exclusive agreements in which I perform in an intense role until a key benchmark is reached.
  6. Employment executive/subject matter expert engagements are almost always exclusive relationships in which I lead digital marketing, “social business evolution,” or operations at your firm, according to the social business life cycle.

CSRA operates as a virtual firm, so I have unusual flexibility that we can use to our advantage when our missions are in alignment. When we consider working together, the most important things to me are: “How can transforming your key stakeholder relationships with digital serve your business strategy? How important is this to you? How do you serve people or firms?” CSRA has a transparent process for collaborating with prospective clients to explore whether it makes sense to work together. It’s called the CSRA Pre-Engagement Process.

Learn more about how I use flexibility in “Career Mission.”

Services describes services and shows how they fit together.

In all formats, I leverage CSRA’s experience, knowledge and tools (mine and my network’s), but I approach each situation without preconception.

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