Videocast Session One: The Web 2.0 Ecosystem

The Web 2.0 Ecosystem videocast shows how social networks will disrupt business by changing the economics of building relationships. Learn how LinkedIn can serve as an executive gateway to the Web 2.0 world. […]

Recap Miami: Enterprise Social Network Workshop

Recap of enterprise social networking workshop for how to create a repeatable process for designing and managing successful enterprise social networking initiatives […]

New Social Network Roadmap Service Offer at the Social Networking Conference

Insights into the new Social Network Roadmap workshop, which will be unveiled at the Social Networking Conference in Miami on January 21, 2009. […]

Strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: Where Do I Need to Be?

LinkedIn versus Facebook versus Twitter: a thumbnail guide on selecting which Web 2.0 sites your company should be on […]

The Dirty Dozen: Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Web 2.0 Misalignment?

As “the Internet” changed the rules of information access, Web 2.0 is changing how people are connecting with other people. Most organizations are not ready for it: all their stakeholders can find each other and start sharing insights without the organization even knowing about it. They are experiencing the slow boil*. […]

Leveraging Web 2.0 to Keep Connected with Your Network

adviceExecutives of a certain, er, level of experience face an apparent dilemma when they consider using LinkedIn and other Web 2.0 tools: they already have well-developed networks and non-Web 2.0 processes for managing them. Why should they use LinkedIn or other Web 2.0 tools? Aren’t connections best maintained by high value face-to-face lunches, meetings or phone calls?

The answer is, increasingly, “Yes and no.” I encourage you to consider these tools to supplement your current communications with your network. You will maintain a stronger network if you can communicate specific, relevant information about what you are doing, and these tools can help. Here we will delve into some key Web 2.0 tools’ unique value for enhancing the value of networks by keeping in touch better.