Social Business Summit Panel: Brands at Risk

Social Business Engagement Summit Panel: Brands at RiskSocial Business Engagement Summit Panel: Brands at Risk featured: Donna Rossi, Vice President, Global Customer Experience Management, Western Union; Rob Singer, Senior Vice President, CRM, Bank of the West; Geoff Sherman, Director Pricing, Promotions & Trade Funds, Walgreens; Kathy Hecht, CMO, American Greetings Interactive; Michael Fisher, Senior Vice President, Alterian.

The message of this panel was that senior marketers and brands that don’t understand and embrace the changing landscape will feel the pain. Realize that the environment is changing fast:


Social Business Engagement Case Study: Jennifer DeMarco Herskind, Dave & Buster's

Social Business Case Study: Jennifer DeMarco, Dave & Buster'sSocial Business Case Study: Jennifer DeMarco Herskind, Dave & Buster’s summarized how Dave & Buster’s was beginning to see results from their social media initiatives. She presented it at Alterian’s Social Business Engaging Times Summit.

In the U.S., they have 57 stores, and each averages 40,000 sq.ft. of gaming and restaurants. July 2010 marked their first anniversary of doing social media. Customers are totally online, especially the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups, talking about food and entertainment; Dave & Buster’s benchmark themselves against casual dining because it has similar demographics. They go to where the customers are. There’s a fundamental shift (in marketing), and we have to get social media into the decision set. Facebook is the most important right now. We have a new data warehouse and customer surveys. […]

Social Business Engagement Panel: The Importance of Measurement

Social Business Engagement Panel: The Importance of MeasurementSocial Business Engagement Panel: The Importance of Measurement continues the Alterian 2010 series. This discussion featured: Michael Harrison, Chief Strategy Officer, Razor; Taleen Ghazarian, SVP Strategy, Epsilon; Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Chief Strategist, Covalent Marketing; Don Peppers, Co-Founder, Peppers & Rogers; Jennifer DeMarco Herskind, AVP Marketing, Dave & Buster’s.


Social Business Summit Keynote Continues Disruption Theme—Don Peppers, Peppers & Rogers Group

Social Business Engagement Summit Keynote Disruption Theme—Don Peppers, Peppers & Rogers GroupSocial Business Engagement Summit Keynote Disruption Theme—Don Peppers keynoted the second day of Alterian’s 2010 User Conference, Engaging Times Summit with a talk entitled, “Death by word of Mouth.” Encouraging ,^)

Technology and interactivity are now. 96% of Gen Y are members of social networks. They are self-oriented and have no trust in adverts. He cited the film Bruno, which people panned in social networks and Twitter on its opening day; the box office fell 40% the next day (and never recovered). Before Web 2.0, the studio could have built momentum through adverts. No more. You can’t ungoogle yourself. […]

Social Business Summit CEO Address—David Eldridge, Alterian

Eldridge_david2Social Business Engagement Summit CEO Address—David Eldridge, Alterian set the tone of Alterian’s 2010 User Conference, Engaging Times Summit, with these highlights:

The change of control we’re witnessing is a major societal change. Young people immerse themselves in social media, don’t watch TV at all. Brands have lost trust, and there is major misalignment, too much marketing speak. Collaboration is the thing now, people don’t want to be interrupted (by marketers). Brands need to reduce broadcast and increase listening. […]

Telecom & Music Highlight Social Business Cases at L.A. Conference

Executives from Deutsche Telekom and Concord Music will highlight the morning session of pre-conference led by Christopher S. Rollyson at the Social Networking Conference June 16 in L.A. The pre-conference is a bootcamp for directors of social networking initiatives who want to understand and practice emerging best practices for strategy, tactics and project management. […]

Social Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management & Practice

The morning session focuses on strategy, planning and management of enterprise social network initiatives and will feature several speakers who are currently leading businesses and initiatives. The afternoon will focus on practice and show live example/demos of using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging tools for marketing campaigns […]

Social Networking Conference Miami 2010 Wrap: Market Opportunities, Good Practices

Social networks change the economics of relationships because finding, developing and maintaining relationships is far less costly… Watch the migration from Friendster=>MySpace=>Facebook=>? It was relatively fast, people are mobile… Don’t think you are getting anything for free. Even if you are not paying cash, your interactions and position are building a rich data repository for Google or whoever else is providing “free” services […]

American Express: Bearish U.S. Economy Will Drive Social Networking Adoption

The use of social networking sites will increase; people will shift to a strong family focus because they will be poorer. Older workers will get computer literate due to going back to work and working longer. […]

Fraud in Social Networks: FBI Countercrime Initiatives

It’s more obvious than ever that the same crimes are committed (think “calamity,” not “Katrina”), but perpetrators switch interfaces. For example, my experience of the London scam happened via Facebook chat. Abstract up from the communications process or the subject and you’ll be more aware of the patterns. […]