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CSRA Launches Social Business Platform Power Site

Executive’s Guide to Social Networks Consolidates Several Top10 Blogs, Prepares Expansion

news_flashCSRA, the Creator of the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn, the Executive’s Guide to Twitter & Blogging and the Executive’s Guide to Facebook, beta-launched the Executive’s Guide to Social Networks today to provide social media managers and individual executives a powerful new resource for practical insights into social business, which uses social technologies to transform business processes.

From its inception in 2008, the Executive’s Guide offered leaders a value proposition that is still unique in the market today. The guides help executives boost their individual competitiveness using social networks while they also address how to use social networking platforms to change business.


Telecom & Music Highlight Social Business Cases at L.A. Conference

Executives from Deutsche Telekom and Concord Music will highlight the morning session of pre-conference led by Christopher S. Rollyson at the Social Networking Conference June 16 in L.A. The pre-conference is a bootcamp for directors of social networking initiatives who want to understand and practice emerging best practices for strategy, tactics and project management. […]

Social Networking Bootcamp Combines Strategy, Management & Practice

The morning session focuses on strategy, planning and management of enterprise social network initiatives and will feature several speakers who are currently leading businesses and initiatives. The afternoon will focus on practice and show live example/demos of using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging tools for marketing campaigns […]

Preview: L.A. Enterprise Social Networking Bootcamp to Feature Executive Speakers

The Pre-Conference morning session is an intensive onramp to planning, launching and managing effective B2B and B2C enterprise social network initiatives involving any combination of internal (private, white label) and external (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…) platforms. […]

Executive's Guide to Facebook Launched

EGFB_grfxThe baby is born!.. After struggling to get the last member of the triad out of the gate, we’re finally here. In 2009, have been working with executives around the US to use Facebook for their businesses and personally, and the Executive’s Guide to Facebook will share vital information to help you understand it and create business value. In 2010, expect to see:

Practical guides for using Facebook for business Strategic, breakthrough insights for using Facebook to create better business relationships more quickly How to launch and use Facebook Pages, Groups and other features Strategy and tactics for using Facebook advertising Analyses of misleading media coverage of Facebook Select coverage of Facebook as a company

I invite you to respond in comments with items on your wishlist!

Enterprise Social Networking Workshop Extends to Full Day

London enterprise social networking workshop expanded to full day, to address strategy and tactics of planning and executing corporate social networking projects, a godsend for project managers and champions […]

Enterprise Social Network Panel Finalized: To Discuss Innovation with Social Networks

Christopher S. Rollyson hosts enterprise social networking pioneers from Alcatel-Lucent, Allstate and Experian and the author of The Facebook Era. Panel will present case studies and good practices of companies and individuals that are using social networking to advance their businesses and careers […]

New Panel at PanIIT: Social Networks for Disruptive Innovation

Christopher S. Rollyson will lead a panel, “Using Social Networks for Disruptive Innovation,” at the global Pan IIT conference on October 9, 2009 in Chicago. […]

Hacked! Practical Guide for Surviving Malware Attacks on WordPress

Practical, step by step guide to assessing and fixing a malware attack on WordPress.. extensive links and examples.. Google, Mozilla, Mac OS X […]

Cutting Edge Workshop: How to Succeed with Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise social networking workshop provides approach, framework and tools to make Web 2.0 projects succeed consistently: helps sponsors and managers of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, wikis, Second Life and custom social network projects to measure and manage their progress quantitatively and qualitatively […]