Case Study: IBM's Experience with B2B Social Business

The example was IBM’s corporate social responsibility and green initiative. They realized it would be incongruent or unsavory to have a (physical) conference for green initiatives in which people would burn tons of CO2 getting there, so they held it in Second Life. The sales conversion ratio was equal to physical conferences. […]

Tips for Executive Leadership and Job Search Effectiveness

Quick guide for time-strapped executives to outperforming rivals this year by using LinkedIn, blogging and Twitter. Extensive links to free executive guides to social networks […]

Blogging: Quick Launch Guide

Quick launch guide to blogging for executives and professionals: get online with WordPress or Blogger in about an hour: how to pick a blog platform, write your first post, configure antispam and manage and grow. Tips on content strategy and using categories and tags. […]

Increasing Customer Transparency: Real Threat or a Paper Tiger for Marketers?

Should you worry that interacting with your customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs will let your competitors poach your customers? How increased transparency affects business and how you can use the trend to drive your competitiveness […]

Case Study: Dior's Haute Couture Crowdsourcing

Fascinating story of crowdsourcing in the high fashion industry. Dior’s head of social media shares a behind-the-curtain view of Dior’s “The Lady Noir Affair,” starring Marion Cotillard. […]

Job Search Tips for Disruptive Times

Job search in a disruptive environment, and how to use social networking to create the advantage […]

Business Social Networking Bootcamp: Chicago August 19-21

Behind the curtain preview of the Executive’s Guide Business Social Networking Bootcamp in Chicago: grow your business and career by using advanced LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging tactics. […]

Hacked! Practical Guide for Surviving Malware Attacks on WordPress

Practical, step by step guide to assessing and fixing a malware attack on WordPress.. extensive links and examples.. Google, Mozilla, Mac OS X […]

Social Networking Conference Wrap: Angela LoSasso on Engaging Customers

Emerging good practices for social networking at Hewlett-Packard, from Angela LoSasso, a full-time social networking manager.. thoughts on working in B2B and B2C contexts […]

Strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: Where Do I Need to Be?

LinkedIn versus Facebook versus Twitter: a thumbnail guide on selecting which Web 2.0 sites your company should be on […]