Preview: Social Networks In Healthcare at Miami Social Networking Conference

Sneak preview: Christopher S. Rollyson to present eight social networking healthcare case studies at the Social Networking Conference in Miami, January 23, 2009 […]

2008 Q3 Report

Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn quarterly report reveals new executive education formats and innovations: social networking registration, boardroom seminars, twitter feed, Facebook Page and the power of alumni […]

Beta Program: The Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment

The Social Network Roadmap’s Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment is a service offering that gives the enterprise a firm understanding of how its “traditional” USPs translate to serving stakeholders in the Web 2.0 world. The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit has pinpointed what venues and activities are relevant to stakeholders, so the company is now set to create programs to engage stakeholders. […]

Beta Program: The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit

An increasingly tangible Web 2.0 ecosystem is growing up around all organizations, but they don’t know what it looks like, much less how to engage it. Your firm’s leaders need to understand how the people you care about are contributing to and learning from the conversations in Web 2.0 venues. Social media means that the ecosystem of market participants around your business is far more actionable than ever before.. and transparent. It’s also easier for your company to engage.. when you know how. The Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit delivers the picture and understanding. […]

Inside the Innovation of the New Fall 2008 Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Seminars

Multidimensional Innovation—Inviting Collaboration—Crowdsourcing via LinkedIn

Executive's Guide to LinkedInIn August, I have been intensely involved in developing the next iteration of executive LinkedIn training (the Executive’s Guide to LinkedIn, EGLI), which has proven as illuminating as it has fruitful, so I will share key elements of the quick innovation approach I used as well as how Linkedin contributed to it. I believe that by collaborating with EGLI alumni and other people in my network, I have fielded the most innovative and valuable offering ever. I’d love to get your feedback, too! (links below)


2008 Q2 Report

quarterlyNormally summer would have provided ample time to reflect on Q2, but it sizzled with speaking engagements and extensive development here at EGLI and at CSRA. I’m pleased to share the highlights and to look ahead to Q3, which will be very exciting for EGLI. First, however, I’ll recap Q2.


Presenting Social Network Roadmap at SocialDevCampChicago

How the Social Network Roadmap can increase demand for Web 2.0 and social software and services providers.. brief overview of the Roadmap’s phases and connection points for Web 2.0 vendors […]

Just Launched: The Social Network Roadmap Facebook Page

Strategy and plans behind the Social Network Roadmap’s Facebook Page, which Facebook members should benefit the most from the Roadmap and how it can drive their business […]

Psst! Want to Break the SNR Beta Program Story?

Opportunity to break the story on new enterprise social network enablement program for marketing, social media, IT and strategy executives […]

SNR website soft-launched!

Glad to give a plug to the creator of this theme; it’s the most feature-rich and easiest theme I’ve yet encountered. Will be redoing the blogroll tomorrow (er, later today ,^) and adding a post.

One of the key ideas behind this site it to give interested parties a real-time thread of the Roadmap’s development. For example, soon (shhhh) we’ll be officially unveiling the Roadmap’s beta program. I’ll be speaking at conferences this year and next. Here is where you can come to learn emerging issues and insights as CSRA and clients use and refine the roadmap to push the envelope while managing some of the possible downsides of aggressively adopting disruptive technology and behaviors.

I look forward to the journey! What are your thoughts? What would such a roadmap mean to you?